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What's Happening at the New Wednesday Night Hop!

1. Winter White Party!
2. Wed, Jan 9th -- Next Series Starts w/ Special Guest Instructor!

Hello Everyone! We started off the year just right last week with
lots of dancing, food, and fun!

This week we are kicking off our new series classes with a party!
Check out the details below!

1. Winter White Party!

Hey, all of you hepcats & kittens! Be cool like P. Diddy and wear
your spiffy winter white garb to our Winter White Party! We will
have new classes, food, and lots of fun! Bring a fiend to one of
the friendliest dance venues around!

** 9:00pm - 12:00am ($7) **

Social Dancing, Food, and Fun w/ DJ JUSTIN!

2. Wed, Jan 9th -- Next Series Starts w/ Special Guest Instructor!

This week, we're kicking off our next 4 WEEK SERIES and will have
special guest instructor Megan Hornbecker (a.k.a. the amazing swing
dancer and teacher who helped start Wednesday Night Hop) for this
month only!

Class Schedule:

** 7:00 - 8:00pm ($50) **

Intermediate Balboa with Jeff & Ashley
They're pulling out all the stops this month. This series will
continue to challenge and push your Balboa to that next level of
dancing. This class is geared for the intermediate Balboa dancer,
so you must have 6+ months prior Balboa experience in order to take
this class. Take this class along with one of the Lindy Hop series

** 8:00 - 9:00pm ($50) **

Beginner Lindy Hop: Keepin' It Kickin' with Charleston

Charleston was danced in the late 1920's and is an integral part of
the Lindy Hop we dance today. The footwork and patterns can be danced
to much faster rhythms and allows a Lindy Hopper to get through high
energy songs with ease. This 4 week series will cover the side by side
and tandem versions of Charleston and will teach you how to transition
between the different styles of dance.

This series is suitable from the absolute beginner with no dance
experience to dancers with 4-6 months of Lindy Hop dance experience.
This series will teach you the fundamentals of Lindy Hop, including
lead & follow techniques, as well as will give you a variety of
leadable and followable dance moves to use out on the dance floor.

Intermediate Lindy Hop Series w/ Trevor & Megan
The Best of Trevor and Megan! - Farewell Tour :(

Get ready for a month filled with the best moves Trevor and Megan
have to offer. They're pulling out all of your favorites and some
new and exciting moves you won't want to miss. Best of Dynamic Lindy,
Sal-Swing, wild Charleston variations, and some crazy connection and
of course their unique style and flare.

Farewell Tour? There's a possibility this will be the last series
Trevor and Megan are teaching together, but you'll have to come to
class to find out why. Trevor and Megan will also be teaching at the
Frankie Manning Workshops in February so stay tuned for more details.

This series is intended for the intermediate dancer with 6+ months of
Lindy Hop experience.


As always, you can find us at:
Steppin' Out Productions
830 Stewart Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94085

See you out on the dance floor at the New Wednesday Night Hop!
Trevor, Laura, Andrea, & Gilles

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