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1. THIS WEEK: Feb. 18th - MOVING PARTY! DJs Gabe & Andrea! Performance! Classes! Woo Hoo!!
2. Feb. 25th - LIVE BAND Mardi Gras Party!

Last week, we certainly had a lot of fun with DJ Alex! We saw some faces we have not seen in awhile, and we were lucky enough to have some great cupcakes from Margot and Richard. Thanks, you two! Oh, and congratulations to Helen Lu and Katherine Leahy for winning our raffle for free Frankie Manning Workshop tix!

Speaking of Frankie, it was great seeing him again this weekend. It is really amazing to be able to experience such an incredible cultural luminary in person!

This week, get ready for our MOVING PARTY! We'll be partying at our new location in MOUNTAIN VIEW. Be sure to invite your co-workers, family, and friends! Please visit the website for more details:

We have lots of cool parties and events planned, so keep checking the newsletter and website for details. It's you, our awesome participants, who make Wednesday Night Hop the hottest dance party around, so we can't wait to see you out on our new dance floor!

1. THIS WEEK: Feb. 18th - MOVING PARTY! DJs Gabe & Andrea!
Performance! Classes! Woo Hoo!!

Feb. 18 - MOVING PARTY! New Studio in Mountain View
A new look and location... but all the same classes and parties you love! Starlite Dance Club is moving! Our brand new studio is just 4 miles north on 101 at 1400 N. Shoreline Blvd. #A, Mountain View, CA 94043! Starlite Dance Club is combining with Cheryl Burke Dance to offer more benefits as
the integration progresses, and a studio closer to more amenities and entertainment. We'll have a special performance from Double or Nothing to kick off our new location. Help us break in the new studio! Details:

Check out our great classes for February!

Level 1: 1930's Charleston and Beyond with Gilles & Andrea O.
8:00 - 9:00pm

Tandem Charleston - it's as easy as riding a bike built for two! Gilles and Andrea will focus on going from side-by-side to tandem position. In addition, you will learn exciting moves like Airplane, Rainbow, and Cross-Overs that will get your wheels spinning! Remember, Charleston is an integral part of your Lindy experience, so let us take you on a ride!


Level 2: Charleston That You've Never Seen Before with Gabe & Andrea W.
7:00 - 8:00pm

Break out of the box! In this series, we will cover a variety of novel partner Charleston movements. There will be an emphasis on how to develop your own new variations with an understanding of Charleston technique. Be ready for some exciting material!

Full class details:

Pricing & Schedule
7pm -- Level 2 Intermediate Lindy Hop ($40 series/$14 drop-in)
8pm -- Level 1 Beginning Lindy Hop ($40 series/$14 drop-in)
9pm-12am - Dance Party, DJs Gabe & Andrea, Food, Fun! ($7)

*** Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted before 10pm.
After 10pm we accept cash or check for admission. ***

Featuring "Clint Baker & The Cafe Borrone All-Stars"
Celebrate Mardi Gras with Wednesday Night Hop at our Masquerade Party! We'll be dancing to LIVE MUSIC from 9pm-Midnight on February 25th with New Orleans style jazz ensemble, Clint Baker and the Cafe Borrone All-Stars!

We'll be celebrating Mardi Gras with beads (please keep your shirts on) fun foods and prizes for best masks. Come party with us!

Keep it Swingin'! See you out on the dance floor!
Andrea O, Andrea W, Audrey, Gabe, Gilles, Megan & Trevor!

Starlite Dance Club
1400 N. Shoreline Blvd. #A
Sunnyvale, CA 94043

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