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1. THIS WEEK: Nov 5th - LIVE BAND & Special Nov Series! Performances!
2. Nov. Class Series - Swaltz! + Beginners Tempo Survival Intensive
3. Lost & Found? Frim Fram!
4. Santana Row Pix!

Did you hear the "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz?" Well, "Everyday I Have the
Blues" because we can't have Wednesday Night Hop every night! So, I
just put on my "Shiny Stockings" and eat some "Potato Chips" until my
"Fine Brown Frame" feels better! And, speaking of feeling better,
it's hard to imagine a better costume party than the one we had last
week! DJ Scott kept the tunes rolling, and people went all out,
dressing as their favorite swing songs (including the ones mentioned
above). To top it off, we had an entertaining performance from Double
or Nothing!

And, we'd like to give a big congratulations to our costume contest

Most Creative: Sarah McNeil -- "Every Day I Have the Blues"
Best Interpretation of a Swing Song: Erin Damrel & Roberta Von Pankow
-- "All That Meat and No Potatoes"

Nice job!

Thank you all for making WNH a wonderful place to be!
And remember to join us for our special month of fun starting with
our band night!

1. THIS WEEK: Nov 5th - Live Band & Special Nov Series! Performances!


The Hot Club of San Francisco (also known as "Le Hot Jazz") playing
November 5th, 9pm-12am at Wednesday Night Hop!

These guys play fantastic music. So, the WHN team asked them to join
their music to our dance floor at Starlite Dance Club.

The Hot Club of San Francisco plays gypsy jazz music inspired by
Django Reinhardt. They are dedicated to preserving and educating the
masses about Django and his music. On their website, they say that
"once you hear it, you can't forget it. It is sophisticated, yet it
has a sentimental quality. It is delicate, but the rhythms are played
at breakneck speed. It has a swinging, jazzy feel but many of the
songs are waltzes." Flamboyant and melancholy, this music has a depth
that most will find touches their core. The music of Django and any
Hot Club changes and touches so many moods and rhythms, it is
especially nice to ebb and flow with the musicians and make all the
rhythmic transitions together. For this reason we are offering a
special three week class series all about adding versatility and
musicality to your swing dancing! In addition, we'll have
performances from Decadance and the Swing Cats Rhythm Revue.

8-9pm - Beginner Lindy Hop Series ($15 drop-in)
7-8pm - Intermediate Lindy Hop Series ($15 drop-in)
9-12am - Dance Party, Food, Fun, DJ Eddie Gutman ($10)

*** Cash, check or Credit Cards are accepted before 10pm.
After 10pm we accept cash or check for admission.***

Starlite Dance Club
1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave (at Tasman Dr)
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

2. November Class Series

We hope to emphasize musicality and versatility in your swing dancing
through offering some basic posture, feel and movement from other
dances like waltz, tango and salsa. We lovingly call this hybrid
lesson series "Swaltz", "Swango" and "Sal-Swing".

You may notice that sometimes a swing song will alternate between a
swinging feeling and a cha-cha or other Latin influenced feeling. It
is sometimes hard to make the transition but it is usually a really
fun way to interact with your partner and the music! Fear no more; a
little breadth, some dabbling in a different dance, will make this
even more fun.

Richard Powers from Stanford University will be teaching our "Swaltz"
class on band night, Nov. 5th. He has been creating amazingly well
educated and versatile dancers from the social dance program at
Stanford for years, and we are proud and happy to have him teach at
WNH on this very special evening.

And remember, Swaltz with Richard Powers will be starting at 7:00 pm
sharp so please have your dances shoes on at 6:59 pm to not miss a


(8pm-9pm) Level 1 - Beginner Lindy Hop Series
Nov 5 - 19, 2008

Lindy Fundamentals: Beginners Tempo Survival Intensive
This three-week series will focus on the foundations of Lindy Hop to
help you survive an entire night of dancing to both fast and slow
music and everything in between. We will demystify the transitions
between '6-count swing' and '8-count swing,' and you will leave the
class feeling that you have a solid understanding of both. Despite
the seemingly fundamental nature of this class, there will be plenty
of concepts for even an experienced dancer.

This workshop is suitable from the absolute beginner with no dance
experience to dancers with 4-6 months of Lindy Hop dance experience
or more. No partner necessary!

Pricing for this series class (Nov 5, 12, 19):
$40 for 3-week series OR Drop-in: $15


(7pm-8pm) Level 2 - Intemediate Lindy Hop Series: Swaltz, Swango &

Swaltz - Swing and Waltz All Mixed Up!
Richard Power's Swaltz class will include instruction of Cross-step
Waltz and Cross-step Foxtrot. With Cross-step Waltz, you will quickly
have the tools you will need to lead, follow, improvise and play with
the band that night in 3/4 time on the social dance floor. Richard
also plans to teach Cross-step Foxtrot. The same basic steps of Waltz
can be danced to fast 4/4 time music. Two dances in one and great
material to apply on band night with The Hot Club of San Francisco!

Nov 12, 2008
Swango - Swing and Argentine Tango All Mixed Up with Shirley & Trevor
Swango focuses on expanding your Lindy repertoire by incorporating
moves and movement inspired by Argentine Tango. Swango is full of
controlled connection, balance, weight changes, and flowing movement
that will have you gliding across the floor with your partner.

Nov 19, 2008
Sal-Swing - Salsa and Swing All Mixed Up with Megan & Trevor
Sal-Swing focuses on expanding your Lindy repertoire by incorporating
moves inspired from Salsa. Sal-Swing is full of slick moves that will
really spice up your dancing. This class will teach some hot and sexy
moves that will swing right into lindy. Get ready to sizzle.

This series class is suitable for the intermediate Lindy Hop dancer
with 8+ months of continuous dancing experience. No partner required!

Pricing for this series class (Nov 5, 12, 19):
$40 for 3-week series OR Drop-in: $15

Enjoy the break!

3. Lost & Found? Frim Fram!
Uh oh. Did you lose something? Check out our lost & found bin. We'll
place any items found after our dances in the bin. If items are not
claimed within a month, they may be given to charity.

Also, our WNH "chefs" would love to know what your favorite dance
snacks are. Crackers? Fruit? Frim Fram Sauce? Let us know!

4. Santana Row Pix!
We have some great photos of Saturday's dancing event at Santana Row.
Check ‘em out!

Keep it Swingin'!
See you out on the dance floor!
Trevor, Megan, Gilles, Gabe, Audrey, Andrea W., & Andrea O.!
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