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1. THIS WEEK: Sept. 24th -- Code Orange Party with DJ Scott!
2. October Classes & Musical Masquerade Party on Oct. 29th!
3. Nov. 5th -- Save the Date - Live Band Night & Special Nov. Series!
Last week DJ Jason really kept us moving! And, we had a really great
jam circle full of visitors. This week, we are going to have so much
fun--don't miss out! Bring your friends and family, and we'll see you
out on the dance floor!

1. THIS WEEK: Sept 24th -- Code Orange Party with DJ Scott!
This week we are featuring our "Code Orange" party with DJ Scott! Be
sure to wear orange, and take part in our fun game (see below)! We
will have some great food, and of course, lots of dancing.

September Classes
7pm-8pm: Intermediate Lindy Series with Gabe & Megan
"All About Tempo: Speeding it up and slowing it down."

Focusing on improving your Lindy when the tempo gets cranked up or
dropped down, this series has fun moves to impress your partner at
any tempo. Filled with cool tips and techniques to maintain ease and
control at any speed, and exercises so you don't feel like you're
dancing in slow motion or out of control.

8pm-9pm: Beginner Lindy Hop Series with Gilles & Andrea W.
"Jazzin' Your Lindy"

This series will teach lots of fun Lindy Hop moves inspired by jazz
steps. Sugar Push, Side car dip, Glide to the side, Groucho, Boogie
variations, Shorty George, Fall off the log, Scissor Kicks, Suzie Q,
Tacky Annie are all thrown into the mix to really jazz up your Lindy!

Code Orange Party
Dress Code is Orange! It's not a secret, we're telling EVERYONE to
wear ORANGE for our Fall party! We'll have some tasty treats, a fun
game with prizes, and lots of great swinging tunes to dance the night

Top Secret Prizes! Your mission, if you wish to accept, is to locate
the Secret Agents that will be dancing among us. The agents will
provide clues to a puzzle. Crack the code to win a prize! Good luck!

Wear some orange, find an agent, and join us for a wild night filled
with food, fun and games as well as great music from DJ Scott and
dancing all night long.

8-9pm - Beginner Lindy Hop Class ($14 drop-in)
7-8pm - Intermediate Lindy Hop Class ($14 drop-in)
9-12am - Code Orange Party, Food, Fun, DJ Scott ($7)

** Cash, check or Credit Cards are accepted before 10pm.
After 10pm we accept cash or check for admission. ***

Starlite Dance Club
1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave (at Tasman Dr)
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

2. October Classes & Musical Masquerade Party!
Have we got something cool for you next month!?! We have some
dazzling Charleston and Jazz moves as well as a fun party! Read on!

October Classes
7pm-8pm: Intermediate Lindy Series with Gilles and Andrea O.
"Jazzin' Your Lindy with the Trankey Doo"

What is that cool dance all of the hep cats are doing? Choreographed
by Pepsi Bethel, the Trankey Doo first appeared in the Savoy Ballroom
in Harlem in the 1940s. This group routine consists of traditional
jazz steps that can be integrated into your Lindy Hop. In addition,
we may take the opportunity to perform the Trankey Doo at one of our
dance parties (no pressure)! Gilles and Andrea will break down all of
the moves for you!

8pm-9pm: Beginner Lindy Hop Series with Trevor and Audrey
"30's and Tandem Charleston In Your Lindy"

This series class will help you become versed in 30's Charleston,
which is an integral part of the Lindy Hop and oftentimes danced to
faster tempos. In this series, you'll learn side by side Charleston
with new variations, hand to hand, airplane, tandem Charleston, and
fun tandem Charleston variations. Make sure to tie those shoes on
tight because we'll be kickin' it all month long!

Oct. 29th - Musical Masquerade Party
Come dressed as your favorite swing song! We are continuing the
Halloween tradition started by Alberto's (former Lindy venue) with
our musically inspired costume theme. Get your thinking caps on and
start working on a swinging costume. We'll have prizes for creativity
and of course audience favorites. Get three people together dressed
as bees and be "Buzz Buzz Buzz" by the Yallopin' Hounds, or a bunch
of chickens for "Ain't nobody here but us chickens" by Louis Jordan.
There is even a song "Wednesday Night Hop" so you could come dressed
as us. Come join the musical madness on Wednesday, October 29th!

3. Nov. 5th -- Save the Date - Live Band Night & Special Nov. Series!


The Hot Club of San Francisco (also known as "Le Hot Jazz") playing
November 5th 9pm-12am at WNH!

These guys play fantastic music. I've wanted for so long to dance to
their tunes, but I've never been to one of their concerts where there
is any room to do so. Some other dancers I know feel my pain too, so
the WHN team asked them to join their music to our dance floor at
Starlite Dance Club.

The Hot Club of San Francisco plays gypsy jazz music inspired by
Django Reinhardt. They are dedicated to preserving and educating the
masses about Django and his music. On their website, they say that
"once you hear it, you can't forget it. It is sophisticated, yet it
has a sentimental quality. It is delicate, but the rhythms are played
at breakneck speed. It has a swinging, jazzy feel but many of the
songs are waltzes."

Flamboyant and melancholy this music has a depth that most will find
touches their core. Sometimes, when i listen, it pains me not to
dance. The music of Django and any Hot Club changes and touches so
many moods and rhythms, it is especially nice to ebb and flow with
the musicians and make all the rhythmic transitions together. For
this reason we are offering a special three week class series all
about adding versatility and musicality to your swing dancing.

We hope to emphasize musicality and versatility in your swing dancing
through offering some basic posture, feel and movement from other
dances like waltz, tango and salsa. We lovingly call this hybrid
lesson series "Swaltz", "Swango" and "Sal-swing".

You may notice that sometimes a swing song will alternate between a
swinging feeling and a cha-cha or other latin influenced feeling. It
is sometimes hard to make the transition but it is usually a really
fun way to interact with your partner and the music! Fear no more; a
little breadth, some dabbling in a different dance, will make this
even more fun.

Richard Powers from Stanford University will be teaching our "Swaltz"
class on band night, Nov. 5th. He has been creating amazingly well
educated and versatile dancers from the social dance program at
Stanford for decades and we are proud and happy to have him teach at
WNH on this very special evening.

I hope you will come out to hear this band and grow to love them as
I do.

Thanks and regards,
Audrey (on behalf of the Wednesday Night Hop team)

Keep it Swingin'!
See you out on the dance floor!
Trevor, Megan, Gilles, Gabe, Audrey, Andrea W., & Andrea O!
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