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1. THIS WEEK: Sept. 3rd - DJ Justin - New Classes! And introducing..!
2. San Francisco Lindy Exchange -- SOLD OUT!
3. Code Orange Party!
4. Sign Up for a Series, Get a Coupon! Special 2 for 1 Series Deal
Two DJs for the price of one! Woo hoo! DJs Trevor & Shane tore it up
last week. We even had a disco ball moment! Lots of cool visitors,
mixers, food, and fun--it’s no wonder that Wednesday nights have been
so hot! See you all this week out on the dance floor!

1. THIS WEEK: Sept. 3rd - DJ Justin - New Classes! And introducing..!
We have so much cool stuff planned for you this month! We are
introducing the newest members of our team, Gabe Takacs and Andrea
Wolf! In addition, we will be featuring our "Code Orange" party on
September 24th. More details below.

Gabriel and Andrea have been enthusiastic members of the dance scene
since 2000 when they began Lindy Hopping together in Tucson, Arizona.
After relocating to Los Angeles in 2001, they continued learning
Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Jazz, and Blues from renowned
instructors, including Ben and Sheri Yau, Debbie Gitt, Patrick
Fredrickson, and Doug Silton. In 2005, Gabe started graduate school
at Stanford University where he began teaching weekly lessons.
Meanwhile, Andrea taught Lindy Hop and Blues classes in Los Angeles
until moving to the Bay Area in 2006. Expanding their love of social
dancing to choreography and performance, Gabe and Andrea joined the
dance troupe Double or Nothing in 2005 and 2006, respectively. In
addition to weekly classes at Stanford, Gabe and Andrea have been
seen teaching at Bay Area venues, including Swing Central, Steppin'
Out and now Wednesday Night Hop. They enjoy using technique intensive
concepts to continually reach new levels in their dancing and
teaching. Since 2007, they have been traveling nationally to Lindy
exchanges and events in order to continually expand their dance

September Classes
7pm-8pm: Intermediate Lindy Series with Gabe & Megan
"All About Tempo: Speeding it up and slowing it down."
Focusing on improving your Lindy when the tempo gets cranked up or
dropped down, this series has fun moves to impress your partner at
any tempo. Filled with cool tips and techniques to maintain ease and
control at any speed, and exercises so you don’t feel like you're
dancing in slow motion or out of control.

8pm-9pm: Beginner Lindy Hop Series with Gilles & Andrea W.
"Jazzin’ Your Lindy"
This series will teach lots of fun Lindy Hop moves inspired by jazz
steps. Sugar Push, Side car dip, Glide to the side, Groucho, Boogie
variations, Shorty George, Fall off the log, Scissor Kicks, Suzie Q,
Tacky Annie are all thrown into the mix to really jazz up your Lindy!

Schedule & Pricing:
8-9pm - Beginner Lindy Hop Class ($50 Series / $14 drop-in)
7-8pm - Intermediate Lindy Hop Class ($50 Series / $14 drop-in)
9-12am - Dance Party, Food, Fun, DJ Justin ($7)

** Cash, check or Credit Cards are accepted before 10pm.
After 10pm we accept cash or check for admission. ***

Starlite Dance Club
1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave (at Tasman Dr)
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

2. San Francisco Lindy Exchange -- SOLD OUT
You have not experienced fun until you have attended the San
Francisco Lindy Exchange! What is it? Dancing, dancing, and more
dancing with people visiting from all over the world! Late night
dance parties and fabulous live bands! Meeting new friends! Frim
Fram! Yeah!

SFLX is coming Sept. 12-14:

Bands include:
Friday: Barbara Morrison
Saturday: The Fil Lorenz Orchestra with special guest Connie Champagne
Sunday: Jelly Roll Souls

SFLX is now SOLD OUT! There may be some tickets still available at
the door, so check back on the website for details in a week.

3. Code Orange Party!
Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008 featuring DJ Scott

Dress Code is Orange! It's not a secret, we're telling EVERYONE to
wear ORANGE for our Fall party! We'll have some tasty treats, a fun
game with prizes, and lots of great swinging tunes to dance the night

Top Secret Prizes! Your mission, if you wish to accept, is to locate
the Secret Agents that will be dancing among us. The first 3 people
that submit the names of 3 of the Secret Agents will win a top secret
prize. Secret Agents can only reveal themselves when asked at the end
of the dance. Good luck! Wear some orange, find an agent, and join us
for a wild night filled with food, fun and games as well as great
music from DJ Scott and dancing all night long.

4. Sign Up for a Series, Get a Coupon! Special 2 for 1 Series Deal
Did you sign up for one of our fun-filled August series? If so, we
have a special thank you for you! Stop by at the end of the month
to pick up your 2 for 1 special coupon to invite a new friend to
take our September series with you. See any Wednesday Night Hop
Crew member (Trevor, Gilles, Gabriel, Audrey, Andrea O., Andrea W.,
or Megan) for your personal certificate. We appreciate you so much!

Keep it Swingin'!
See you out on the dance floor!
Trevor, Megan, Gilles, Gabe, Audrey, Andrea W., and Andrea O.!
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