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1. NEWS FLASH: July 23rd - Speed Shim Sham Contest/Shower!
2. This Month's Series Classes - DJ Justin this week, July 16th!
3. Save the Date! LIVE BAND August 6th !
4. Sign Up for a Series, Get a Coupon! Special 2 for 1 Series Deal
Hey! We sure had a great time last week with DJ Trevor throwin' down
the tunes! This will be week 2 of our 4 week series and drop-ins are
welcome to join the classes. We had a huge turnout for classes, but
we could use a few more Leads in Level 1 and a few more Follows in
Level 2. Details here:

It's ANDREA's birthday this week! Woo hoo! Megan will be baking a
tasty cake to celebrate, and oh yeah, don't miss Andrea's jam! Come
on out and show her some love!

Remember, Trevor & Megan are teaching a Charleston routine with an
optional performance at our August 6th party. Check out all of the
details below!

1. NEWS FLASH: July 23rd - Speed Shim Sham Contest/Shower!

Speed Shim Sham Contest
Brush up on your Shim Sham! We have been doing the Shim Sham every
Wednesday in preparation for our Speed Shim Sham Contest! Have
questions about the steps? Come and see us at the DJ booth. Steps are
also posted on our website.

The Speed Shim Sham contest is open to anyone. The winner will
receive Frankie Manning's autobiography "Frankie Manning: Ambassador
of Lindy Hop" + Free admission to 4-Week Series Class & 1 month of
Dance Parties @ Wednesday Night Hop ($50 Value) + Goodie bag + Swing
CD! We will also have prizes for the runners up. There will be 3 to 4
elimination rounds of Shim Sham with increasingly faster music.
Judges will tap out participants to the final round. Sign up at the
DJ booth. Are you ready? Now, a one, two, three, stomp-off right,
left, right two times . . . !

Shhhhh, it's a secret, we're having a SURPRISE baby shower for LAURA!
This week, come out and sign a card wishing her the best. If anyone
wants to contribute to a group gift (entirely optional) we'll have an
envelope at the DJ booth as well. Then on July 23rd we'll actually be
having a SURPRISE SHOWER & Speed Shim Sham contest (say that 10 times
fast). We'll have cake and a game or two. Give us your best name
suggestions for a boy, or guess when Laura will deliver, winners will
receive a prize!

2. This Month's Series Classes -- DJ Justin this week, July 16th!
July is HOT with some SMOKIN' new classes! (don't worry-
we've got air conditioning to keep you from completely burning up)

*** Be sure to sign up! Bring friends! It's not too late! ***

Level 2 - Charleston: Wild Ride Charleston!
7-8pm with Megan & Trevor

Wild Ride Charleston focuses on taking your Charleston to extreme
levels. Filled with exciting Charleston variations that will be
taught as a routine, this class also has the option to be performed
at our Aug 6th party. Performance is optional; the first 3 weeks
will focus on teaching lots of really cool moves that will jump
start your partnered Charleston technique, and the 4th week will
focus on putting it all together for the performance.

This series is filled with completely leadable patterns that will
challenge your lead and follow skills while impressing your partner
and onlookers. Get ready to amaze even yourself with endless
variations of Charleston you never thought possible and find out how
easily they flow into your Lindy. This is designed for Lindy Hoppers
who are familiar with Charleston and ready to take it to the next level.

Level 1 - Lindy Fun'Damentals: 8-Count Lindy and Swing Out Variations
8-9pm with Andrea & Gilles

Let's have some fun! This series will teach the "fun"dation of Lindy
Hop and focus on adding variations and cool moves to your repertoire.

We'll be breaking down 8-count Lindy Hop with basics such as the
Swing-Out and the Lindy Circle, and then we'll give you plenty of
variations like the "Burrito," "Sway," and "Airplane," to spice up
your dancing. Come and get your fun on!

Schedule & Pricing:
7-8pm -- Intermediate Lindy Hop Class ($40 series / $14 drop-in)
8-9pm -- Beginner Lindy Hop Class ($40 series / $14 drop-in)
9-12am -- Dancing w/ DJ Justin, snacks, and fun! ($7)

** Cash, check or Credit Cards are accepted before 10pm.
After 10pm we accept cash or check for admission.

1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave (at Tasman Dr)
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

3. Save the Date! LIVE BAND August 6th !
Steve Lucky and the Rumba Bums! Food, fun, and festivities!
Performances! Woo hoo! Don't miss out! Mark your calendars and make
sure you attend this event. Be sure to invite your friends and help
us make this a successful evening (so that we can do it again!!!)

4. Sign Up for a Series, Get a Coupon! Special 2 for 1 Series Deal
Did you sign up for one of our fun-filled June series? If so, we
have a special thank you for you! Stop by this week to pick up a 2
for 1 special coupon to invite a new friend to take our July series
with you. See any Wednesday Night Hop Crew member (Trevor, Gilles,
Audrey, Andrea, Megan or Laura) for your personal certificate. We
appreciate you!

Keep it Swingin'!
See you out on the dance floor!
Trevor, Megan, Gilles, Laura, Audrey, and Andrea!

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