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1. THIS WEEK: Mar 9th - DJ Naomi! Series Classes continue!
2. Mar Series Classes w/ Gilles & Angela, Brian & Cheryl, Pinar & Jeff!
3. Just For You: DISCOUNTS! Punch Cards & 2-for-1 Coupons!
4. Resources: yelp, facebook, calendar, photos & videos

Good times last week with Clint Baker's New Orleans Jazz Band!

We also had a great time this weekend at the Monterey Dixieland Jazz Bash By The Bay. Thanks to those who came out to enjoy all the great live music this weekend!

Get ready to GO GREEN! Yes, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and we have some great performances and games in store for you, so get out your best green shirts and dresses out and join us on March 16th.

1. THIS WEEK: Mar 9th - DJ Naomi! Series Classes continue!

We are excited to bring DJ Naomi back to Wednesday Night Hop this week! Come out and join your lindy friends on the dance floor!

See you on the dance floor!

2. March Series Classes w/ Gilles & Angela, Brian & Cheryl, Pinar & Jeff!

Second week of classes - you can still sign up for the rest of the series and take the next three weeks of class at a reduced rate!

8:15 - 9:15pm
The Charleston is an integral part of Lindy Hop. It began as its own dance in the 1920s and basic moves of Lindy Hop grew out of this dance in the 1930s. Angela and Gilles will teach the basics of the Charleston and how it fits within the Lindy Hop. This series will cover rhythm, technique, and partner connection in the Swing Out, 20s face-to-face Charleston, and 30s side-by-side Charleston.

7:15 - 8:15pm
If you’re ready to take your swingout to a whole new level, this is the class for you! Brian and Cheryl will help you improve your fundamental technique while also providing exciting ideas for styling and adding flair to your swingout. We’ll explore variations of rhythm and tempo, fancy footwork, and other creative options to jazz up your basic style. Through it all, you’ll learn how to creatively transform your swingout so that you can take yourself and your partner to a whole new level of creativity and enjoyment.

7:15 - 8:15pm
Spins and turns all the way around! This month the Level 3 classes with Gilles & Pinar will focus on turning and spinning technique. Inside turns, outside turns, tuck turns, traveling turns, jump turns, flashy turns, turns for gals, turns for guys, turns in your charleston, turns in your jazz steps, tricky combinations... you will turn turn turn and learn to not get dizzy too. We will focus on connection, balance, speed, linear and rotational momentum and give you tips to improve your technique. You will all want to wear that twirly skirt,...even boys,...well, maybe not!

8:15 - 9:15pm
Experience the finer points of life in your Balboa! In March, Jeff and Pinar will show you how some of the building blocks of your Pure Balboa and Bal-Swing can be elegantly combined in numerous creative ways. Be a part of this creative process when the sum starts to be greater than its parts. They will show you interesting combinations, modified basics, alternative footwork and styling to make your Balboa just a little bit more exciting.

7:15-8:15pm - Level 2 Lindy OR Level 3 Lindy ($40 series, $16 drop-in)
8:15-9:15pm - Level 1 Lindy OR Balboa ($40 series, $16 drop-in)
9:15-11:45pm - DJ dance party! ($8)
($75 for two series classes)
($24 for two drop-in classes)

More Details:

4. Just For You: DISCOUNTS! Punch Cards & 2-for-1 Coupons!

*** DISCOUNTS! ***
WNH welcomes individuals of 24 years and younger! Show proof of age 24 and younger at the front desk for half off the price of series classes. If you are over 24 years old, but still carry enough credits to qualify as a full-time student, you are still eligible for the discount. Bring in your full-time class schedule for that semester or quarter to get the discount. Dances are also discounted to a $6 admission cost. Drop-in classes are not discounted.

Discount policy for 24 and younger or full-time students:
$25 for series classes (regularly $50)
$16 for drop-in classes (same as regular price)
$6 for the dance only (regularly $8 or $12 on band night)

Wednesday Night offers $80 value pre-paid punch cards for entrance to the dance only. Each card gets you 10 admissions to the dance party be it a band night or a special party or performance. No more messing around with cash at the door. Just present your card and sign in!

If you signed up for the class series and you would like to introduce Lindy Hop to someone who has never been to Wednesday Night Hop before, ask your instructor for a 2-for-1 coupon. You can sign up for your next series class for only $25 for the continuing student and $25 for the brand new dancer! Spread the gospel of swing!

5. Resources: yelp, facebook, calendar, photos & videos

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Keep it Swingin'! See you out on the dance floor!
Audrey, Brian, Cheryl, Gilles, Lilly, Lori, Pinar, Megan & Trevor!

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