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1. Wed,Feb 27th - Lessons & Dancing with DJ Jason, and a performance
from Double or Nothing!
2. Wed, March 5th - Next Series Classes Start!

1. Wed, Feb 27th - Lessons & Dancing with DJ Jason & Performance!
We had another fun week of dancing! DJ Trevor rocked the house!
Don’t miss out on the fun!

This week, we’ll have lessons and dancing from 9-Midnight
with music from DJ Jason, and a performance from Double or Nothing!

7-8pm -- Level 2 Lindy Hop Series w/ Trevor & Megan ($14 drop-in)
8-9pm -- Level 1 Lindy Hop Series w/ Gilles & Andrea ($14 drop-in)
9-12am -- Dancing w/ DJ Jason, snacks, mixers, and Double or Nothing
performance! ($7)

Founded in 2002, Double or Nothing is a performance dance group
dedicated to creativity in swing dance. They perform throughout the
San Francisco Bay Area, and can be found regularly on the social dance
floor of many Bay Area swing dance venues. Each member of Double or
Nothing brings their own unique dance background and perspective to
the group, and the resulting mix is intended to maintain the many
traditions of swing dance while constantly striving to add modern

1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave (at Tasman Dr)
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

2. Wed, March 5th - Next Series Classes Start

Every first Wednesday of the month, we kick off a new set of 4-week
series classes. Here's what's on the plate for March! Just $50
for the entire month of lessons & dancing until midnight!

(7pm-8pm) Level 2 - Lindy Survival with Trevor & Megan

Lindy Hop can be danced to a wide range of tempos and dancing to
faster music should be equally as easy as dancing to the slower
tempos. This series will teach you energy saving tips to increase
the speed of your lindy while continuing to dance with ease. This
series is filled with a whirlwind of high energy footwork, moves
and styling for faster tempos and will teach you how to maintain
control while dancing to faster music. Get ready to tame the
tempo beast!

This series is suitable for the intermediate Lindy Hop dancer with 6+
months of continuous dancing experience. No partner required!

(8pm-9pm) Level 1 - Lindy Hop Fundamentals with Gilles & Andrea

Lindy Hop, the granddaddy of all swing dancing, was created in Harlem
in the late 1920's. This exciting dance incorporates footwork based on
the Charleston, Boogie Woogie break away steps, freezes, and 6-count
and 8-count traveling steps. It's an energetic, swinging', happy dance
that can be danced to slow or fast swing music & everything in between.

Whether you are completely new to Lindy Hop or just want to fine tune
your connection and fundamentals, this 4 week series class will teach
you footwork, framework, and connection and will provide a solid base
of moves that every Lindy Hopper should know. Come prepared to work
hard and have fun!

This series is suitable from the absolute beginner with no dance
experience to dancers with 4-6 months of Lindy Hop dance experience.
No partner required!


As always you can find us at our new location:
Starlite Dance Club
1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave (at Tasman Dr)
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

See you out on the dance floor!
Trevor, Megan, Andrea, Gilles, Laura, and Audrey!
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