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1. THIS WEEK: August 4th - DJ Naomi! New Series Classes Start!
2. August Classes with Audrey & Ryan!
3. Just For You: NEW DISCOUNTS! Punch Cards & 2-for-1 Coupons!
4. Resources: yelp, facebook, calendar, photos & videos

What a great night we had with DJ Shane last week. Thanks to so many people who joined in to learn the Flash Mob choreography; it was super fun to put it together in so little time and perform it right away! We had a great time doing it out in the wild this last weekend! If you would like more practice and would like to perform again we will meet in the "Red Room" to block it much the way we would just before an actual flash mob at 10:00 and we will do it again just after the birthday jam at 10:30. Great practice for this weekend's Flash Mob - possibly the LAST ONE!

Email Audrey: ackanemoto at if you would like to stay informed on flash mob information or join the google group directly:

*** SANTANA ROW! (& Flash Mob) AUGUST 8TH ***
Free swing dancing at Santana Row from 11am to 3pm on Sunday August 8th. The address is 3055 Olin Avenue, but you can find us easier by going toward Wahoo Fish Tacos or the Urban Outfitters! We will kick things off with the flash mob. Meet at the same place at 10:30 and perform at 11:30. We may do it again at the end too just for kicks. For a map click here:

Mark your calendars! Our next band night will be on August 11th with Carl Sonny Leyland and Friends! You may recognize his name from the jazz festival circuits or the Rhythmic Arts Festival when it was down in San Diego. We were happy to have seen him this year in Monterey as part of The International Sextet and gotten on his calendar to play at Wednesday Night Hop. Sonny will be joined by Katie Cavera, Marty Eggers and Clint Baker.

1. THIS WEEK: August 4th - DJ Naomi! New Series Classes Start!

DJ Naomi spins the tune this week. Remember, if you are part of summer swing, you are automatically registered for August classes, just show up! Thanks for filling out our survey last month! We know you loved Adam and Pinar, but we rotate through our teaching staff and next up will be Ryan and Audrey. We hope you enjoy them just as much!

Yes! Pinar and Adam did video tape class reviews each week and we will let you know when they are up on our youtube account. There are a lot of things going on for us right now so please be patient with us!

See you on the dance floor!

2. Heads up! August Classes with Audrey & Ryan!

Wednesday Night Hop is happy to welcome Ryan Calloway to teach in August, one of the most creative dancers on the floor and a master of improvisation. By adding Ryan to the teaching line-up, WNH hopes to add a little more of that sort of fun and excitement to your own particular recipe of dance.

8:15 - 9:15pm

In our second month of Summer Swing, Audrey and Ryan will introduce two common ways the basic footwork in Lindy Hop are put together. These 6-count and 8-count patterns will be the main focus as well as a heaping dose of silliness and fun.

7:15 - 8:15pm

The only thing you can count on is that you cannot count on anything! Lindy lessons and a life lesson to boot. Living in the the moment could be something that might take a little getting used to, but, once you are there the possibilities are endless.

Class includes free admission to the dance party.
7:15pm - Level 2 Int Lindy Hop ($50 series, $25 24&under, $14 drop-in)
8:15pm - Level 1 Beg Lindy Hop ($50 series, $25 24&under, $14 drop-in)
9:15pm - 11:45pm - Dance Party! ($7 regular, $5 24&under)
($75 both series)
($21 both drop-in classes)

Cash, Checks or Credit Cards are accepted before 10pm.
Only cash or checks accepted after 10pm.

Check out our classes:

3. Just For You: NEW DISCOUNTS! Punch Cards & 2-for-1 Coupons!

WNH is launching a discount price policy for high school and college aged individuals! Show proof of age 24 and younger at the front desk for half off the price of series classes. If you are over 24 years old, but still carry enough credits to qualify as a full-time student, you are still eligible for the discount. Bring in your full-time class schedule for that semester or quarter to get the discount. Dances are also discounted to a $5 admission cost. Drop-in classes are not discounted.

Discount policy for 24 and younger or full-time students:
$25 for series classes (regularly $50)
$14 or $15 for drop-in classes (same as regular price)
$5 for the dance only (regularly $7 or $10 on band night)

New policy in effect! NOW!

Wednesday Night offers $70 value pre-paid punch cards for entrance to the dance only. Each card gets you 10 admissions to the dance party be it a band night or a special party or performance. No more messing around with cash at the door. Just present your card and sign in!

If you signed up for the class series and you would like to introduce Lindy Hop to someone who has never been to Wednesday Night Hop before, ask your instructor for a 2-for-1 coupon. You can sign up for your next series class for only $25 for the continuing student and $25 for the brand new dancer! Spread the gospel of swing!

4. Resources: yelp, facebook, calendar, photos & videos

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Keep it Swingin'! See you out on the dance floor!
Andrea, Audrey, Coleen, Gabe, Gilles, Jeff, Kim, Pinar, Megan & Trevor!

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