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1. Wed, Feb 13th - Valentine's Day Party with DJ Justin & FREE RAFFLE!
2. Wed, Feb 13th - Singles' Night!
3. February 15th, 16th, 17th - Frankie Weekend!

1. Wed, Feb 13th - Valentine's Day Party with DJ Justin & FREE RAFFLE!

We'd like to thank all of you who attended last week's grand re-opening.
We had so much fun with our Dance Challenge! Congratulations to Candice
and Kylie for being our top dancers in the competition and winning
wonderful goodie bags filled with prizes--one of which included 4 WEEKS
of FREE LESSONS & DANCING! Thank you to the Swing Cats as well for
your awesome Charleston performance!

This week, we will celebrate Valentine's Day! Be sure to WEAR RED to
celebrate (OR BLACK to boycott). Bring a sweetie if you wish, or if
you're single (and looking), grab a special sticker from the Wednesday
Night Hop staff to indicate your availability.

And for everyone that shows up this Wednesday, you will get a FREE
ENTRY into our raffle to win 4 WEEKS FREE LESSONS AND DANCING! How
cool is that?

Finally, swinging the night away we'll have great music from DJ Justin!

7-8pm -- Level 2 Lindy Hop Series w/ Trevor & Megan
8-9pm -- Level 1 Lindy Hop Series w/ Gilles & Andrea
9-12am -- Dancing w/ DJ Justin, snacks, mixers, and fun!

1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave (at Tasman Dr)
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Class Schedule:
**** NOTE: Only 3 weeks remain in the series. Sign up for all
three and get a discount! Also WE NEED MORE LEADS for our
beginner series to help balance out the class. ****

** 7:00 - 8:00pm ($40 -- Remaining 3 weeks) **

Level 2 Lindy Hop Series w/ Trevor & Megan
The Best of Trevor and Megan! - Welcome Back Tour!

Get ready for a month filled with the best moves Trevor and Megan
have to offer. They're pulling out all of your favorites and some
new and exciting moves you won't want to miss. Best of Dynamic Lindy,
Sal-Swing, wild Charleston variations, and some crazy connection and
of course their unique style and flare.

Trevor and Megan will also be teaching at the Frankie Manning
Workshops in February, check out for more details.

This series is intended for the intermediate dancer with 6+ months of
Lindy Hop experience.

** 8:00 - 9:00pm ($40 -- Remaining 3 weeks) **

Level 1 Lindy Hop: Keepin' It Kickin' with Charleston

Charleston was danced in the late 1920's and is an integral part of
the Lindy Hop we dance today. The footwork and patterns can be danced
to much faster rhythms and allows a Lindy Hopper to get through high
energy songs with ease. This 4 week series will cover the side by side
and tandem versions of Charleston and will teach you how to transition
between the different styles of dance.

This series is suitable from the absolute beginner with no dance
experience to dancers with 4-6 months of Lindy Hop dance experience.
This series will teach you the fundamentals of Lindy Hop, including
lead & follow techniques, as well as will give you a variety of
leadable and followable dance moves to use out on the dance floor.

2. Wed, Feb. 13th -- Singles' Night
Whether you are looking to expand your circle of friends or to find
that special someone, Swing dancing is a safe, low pressure, and fun
way to meet new people! That's why we're putting on a special Singles'
Night at Starlite!

We've invited TONS of singles out to the Wednesday Night Lindy Hop
party which will be featuring fun and exciting swing dance lessons
and friendly ice breakers! Don't worry, you don't need to know
anything about dancing, nor do you need to bring a dance partner.
We start from the basics and frequently rotate partners so that
you'll get a chance to meet and dance with lots of different people.

This isn't exclusively a "Singles' Only" night since we have many
regulars who come out (single and not single) to enjoy in all the
fun that we have at Starlite. If you'd like to let people know you are
single and looking for that special someone, we'll have a cute happy
face sticker that you can wear wherever you'd like. Otherwise, just
enjoy the relaxed setting, comfortable seating, excellent snacks,
and wonderful swingin' music. In addition, every person who comes
out for the evening will get a FREE ENTRY INTO OUR RAFFLE!

And remember, grab a special sticker from your Wednesday Night Hop

3. February 15, 16, 17 -- Frankie Weekend!
The Northern California Lindy Society Presents Frankie Manning 2008
Workshop Weekend

February 15-17, 2008

Frankie's back for another exciting weekend of stories, lessons, and

Don't know who Frankie Manning is? He's only the Father of Swing,
that's all! Learn your Lindy history by attending this amazing event!

For more information:


As always you can find us at our new location:
Starlite Dance Club
1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave (at Tasman Dr)
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

See you out on the dance floor!
Trevor , Megan, Andrea, Gilles, Laura, and Audrey!

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