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1. THIS WEEK: September 2nd - DJ Gabe & Andrea! Aerials Special Classes, Food, & Fun!
2. Next week: New series start September 9th
3. Band Night: September 9th! Clint Baker and the Cafe Borrone All-Stars
4. Deals for You

September series start next week September 9th.

Last week, DJ Alex P kept the dance floor filled. It's always great to see everyone out on the floor! We love being able to stretch our swing-outs to the max on the big floor at Starlite Ballroom now that we're there permanently. Thanks to everyone for helping us continue to grow! We're really on fire this summer!

Don't forget NEXT WEEK, September 9th, join us for another fabulous BAND NIGHT! We will be hosting Clint Baker and the Cafe Borrone All Stars, so remember to invite your family and friends!

As we announced last week, we're working on a special surprise for our wonderful team alumna, Andrea Owens. For those of you that missed it, we've started a book for everyone to share memories, thank yous, and farewells as she leaves us for her new opportunities in Pasadena. Please remember to bring your photos, thoughts, quotes, or anything else you'd like to add to the book to share and send her off Wednesday Night Hop style. We appreciate everything she's done for us and really want her to know it!!

We'll see you on the dance floor!

1. THIS WEEK: September 2nd - DJ Gabe & Andrea! Classes, Food, & Fun!

Special Aerias Classes - this WEEK!

Level 1 - Flying & Basing Fundamentals - with Trevor & Audrey
8:00 - 9:00pm

Level 2 - Basic Air Steps - with Trevor & Audrey
7:00 - 8:00pm

Frankie Manning created the first "Air Step" with his partner, Frieda Washington to wow the crowd at a dance contest at the Savoy Ballroom in the 1930's. These days an "Air Step" or Aerial, as they are sometimes called, is defined as any move in which both the follower's feet leave the ground at the same time. Join us on September 2nd to learn a few Flying and Basing techniques for Followers and Leaders.  Matching taller partnerships and shorter partnerships will be helpful for this class. We will form groups of four or five, two leaders and two followers +1, so we can still benefit from experiencing different leads and follows while also establishing more familiarity within a single partnership and/or group.

2. Next week: New Series start September 9th

We have the pleasure to announce that Laura is back teaching at WNH this month after her baby time-off! Check out her bio:

September Classes - start on the 9th

Level 1 - 6-count & 8-count Lindy - with Gilles & Laura
8:00 - 9:00pm

New to Lindy Hop? Not sure what 6-count & 8-count patterns are? This class is for you! We will cover fundamental 6-count & 8-count moves to get you grooving on the dancing floor right away. Swing out, Lindy Circle, Tuck Turn, Jig Walk, Sugar Push and more will become part of your dancing vocabulary. And we will spice it up with some fun Jazzy moves.

Level 2 - Lindy Fundamentals - with Gilles & Laura
7:00 - 8:00pm

Description to come, stay tuned.

Pricing & Schedule
7:00pm - Level 2 Intermediate Lindy Hop ($14 drop-in)
8:00pm - Level 1 Beginning Lindy Hop ($14 drop-in)
9:00 - 11:30pm - DJ Gabe & Andrea! Classes, Food, & Fun!
$21 to drop in both Level 1 & 2

*** Cash, Checks or Credit Cards are accepted before 10pm.
Only cash or checks accepted after 10pm. ***

3. Band Night: September 9th! Clint Baker and the Cafe Borrone All-Stars

For over 20 years, Clint Baker has led a New Orleans style jazz ensemble at the Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park. Selecting only the best traditional jazz musicians to perform with him gives listeners the opportunity to be entertained by extraordinary music. The group is comprised of band leaders and key members of world-class traditional jazz bands. The regular members of the Cafe Borrone All-Stars include: Clint Baker (various instruments), Leon Oakley (trumpet), Robert Young (reeds), Jim Klippert (trombone), Monte Reyes (guitar/banjo), and Bill Reinhart (bass). More band info at Be sure to join us on Wednesday, September 9th!

4. Deals for You

Two-for-one Coupons!
For our loyal class participants: We have 2-for-1 coupons! Do you have a friend who is new to WNH? If you have taken series classes at WNH before, just ask any of the WNH staff for a coupon that entitles you and your friend to sign up for the next series classes (any level) at the discounted price of $25 each person!

Punch Cards!
We are providing punch cards for those of you who like to pay for our dances in advance. Buy a 10-punch dance card, and get your Band Night dance parties for the price of our regular dances! Available now!

Keep it Swingin'! See you out on the dance floor!
Andrea W, Audrey, Gabe, Gilles, Laura, Megan & Trevor!

Starlite Cheryl Burke Dance Club
1400 N. Shoreline Blvd. #A
Mountain View, CA 94043

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