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1. THIS WEEK: May 13th - Dance Party! Classes! DJ Justin! Food & Fun!
2. May Classes
3. SAVE THE DATE: May 20th Clint Baker! Student Night!
4. Two-for-one Coupons!

1. THIS WEEK: May 13th - Dance Party! Classes! DJ Justin! Food & Fun!

What fun! Last week we had a great time with DJs Gabe & Andrea. And, our jam circle was incredible - soooo many people! Oh yes, and thanks to Margot who brought some yummy ooey, gooey treats! We really appreciate you and the wonderful energy you bring to Wednesday Night Hop.

Don't forget: the Frankie Manning Birthday Festival is still going on, and registration has re-opened. Register here:

To learn more about this amazing dance icon, please check this site:

Please check the newsletter and website for details about our upcoming events, including live Band Night, Student Night, dance contests, and some special summer fun. Let us know if you ever have any questions or suggestions. In addition, our new dance party hours are: 9:00 - 11:30pm! It is you, our awesome participants, who make Wednesday Night Hop the hottest dance party around. We'll see you out on the dance floor!

2. May Classes!

Level 1: Footwork Frenzy with Gilles & Audrey
8:00 - 9:00pm

Learn the basics of Lindy Hop including 8-count footwork, 6-count footwork, Charleston, and Jazz movement. Lindy Hop integrates a wide variety of movements and this class will give you a taste of it all.

Level 2: The Spirit of Lindy Hop with Gilles & Audrey
7:00 - 8:00pm

Put a spring in your step and a smile in your heart. Make your Lindy Hop more dynamic by exploring outside the 8-count basic rhythm, and to help your dancing be more free and fun, add versatility with cool interchangeable patterns. As an homage to Frankie Manning, this month we will also teach the Frankie95 global choreography.

Pricing & Schedule
7pm - Level 2 Intermediate Lindy Hop ($40 series/$14 drop-in)
8pm - Level 1 Beginning Lindy Hop ($40 series/$14 drop-in)
9-11:30pm - Dance Party, DJ Justin, Food, Fun! ($7)

*** Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted before 10pm.
After 10pm we accept cash or check for admission. ***

3. SAVE THE DATE: May 20th Clint Baker! Student Night!

Clint Baker & the Café Borrone All-Stars
They wowed us in February and they're back to share more of their wonderful music! For over 17 years, Clint Baker has led a New Orleans style jazz ensemble at the Café Borrone in Menlo Park. Selecting only the best traditional jazz musicians to perform with him gives listeners the opportunity to be entertained by extraordinary music. The group is comprised of band leaders and key members of world class traditional jazz bands. The regular members of the Café Borrone All-Stars include: Clint Baker (various instruments), Leon Oakley (trumpet), Robert Young (reeds), Jim Klippert (trombone), Monte Reyes (guitar/banjo), and Bill Reinhart (bass). More band info at:

Student Night
Homework Schmomework! It's also Student Night on May 20th! Come blow off your studies and dance the night away with us! Enjoy the live music at a $5 discount for high school and college students who present a valid student ID at the door. That means it's only $10 for the drop-in lesson and dance (starting at 8:00) and $5 to come for the band only (starting at 9pm). What a deal! We hope to see some new faces de-stressing before
finals at WNH!

4. Two-for-one Coupons!

Just for you, our loyal class participants: We have 2-for-1 coupons! Do you have a friend who is new to WNH? If you have taken series classes at WNH before, just ask any of the WNH staff for a coupon that entitles you and your friend to sign up for the next series classes (any level) at the discounted price of $25 each person!

Keep it Swingin'! See you out on the dance floor!
Andrea O, Andrea W, Audrey, Gabe, Gilles, Megan & Trevor!

Starlite Cheryl Burke Dance Club
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