Wednesday March 5th, 2014 — Le Jazz Hot!

Our next band night will be on March 5th with Le Jazz Hot! This is the first band we hired after we were reborn as "Wednesday Night Hop" so many years ago and we are always extremely happy to have them again! Back then they hadn't played for many dance halls in the bay area but today many a San Francisco Lindy Hopper and Balboa dancer enjoy Le Jazz Hot every Monday night at Le Colonial. It has become the hot spot for many of the coolest cats! We are happy to bring them down closer to us in the Silicon Valley and hope we can draw some of those city folk down with them to visit our beautiful space and our lovely dance floor!

The Hot Club of San Francisco plays gypsy jazz music inspired by Django Reinhardt. They are dedicated to preserving and educating the masses about Django and his music. On their website, they say that "once you hear it, you can't forget it. It is sophisticated, yet it has a sentimental quality. It is delicate, but the rhythms are played at breakneck speed. It has a swinging, jazzy feel but many of the songs are waltzes."

Hot Links for The Hot Club of San Francisco & Django Reinhardt

Gaby Cook teaches at WNH! Idalia is back!

We are very excited to have an amazing instructor, Gaby Cook, teach for the first time at WNH! Of course she was here during Swingin' At The Savoy, and those of you who took her classes surely got a lot out of them; now you have a chance to learn whole series from her and take your dancing to another level!

In addition to that, Idalia is back and is going to teach with Kevin Weng! Check out what a fun topic they came up with for their Level 3 class. It surely gonna be one great month at WNH!


7:15 - 8:15   Lindy Hop Level 2 with Gaby & Brian  OR  Lindy Hop Level 3 with Idalia & Kevin
8:15 - 9:15   Lindy Hop Level 1 with Idalia & Kevin  OR  Solo Jazz with Gaby
9:30 - 12:00   Swing Dance Party


9:30 - Midnight — Swing Dance Party: only $8 ($6 for 24 & younger)
7:15 - 8:15pm — Choose between Level 2 & Level 3 Lessons
8:15 - 9:15pm — Choose between Level 1 & Elective Lessons
$16 drop-in ($24 to drop into two classes)


Cheryl Burke Dance
1400 N Shoreline Blvd #A
Mountain View, CA 94043
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